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Who is Keira Walsh and how good is she?

She's very good from what I've seen. Man City legend and had a good Euro for England also earning POTM award in the final.

Signing her wasn't planned but we had to do something after Alexia's longterm injury. Not really a like for like replacement for Alexia (none can really replace her tbh) as Walsh is playing deeper so both Patri and Aitana will probably need to have more offensive responsibilites. Will be interesting to see how they'll work together.


Breaking transfer records again

Zubi Jr. said it wasn't a record fee.

Markel Zubizarreta via MD: "I can't tell you if Keira Walsh is the most expensive signing in Bar?a's history and she's not the most expensive signing in women's football history. We paid less than the 350,000 paid for Pernille Harder?

Also, La Liga Iberdrola was supposed to start last weekend but refs are on strike.


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UWCL group stage date & time confirmed:

🏠G1: 🆚 Benfica
📅19 Oct, 21.00h

✈️G2: 🆚 Roseng?rd
📅27 Oct, 18.45h

🏠G3: 🆚 Bayern Munich
📅24 Nov, 18.45h

✈️G4: 🆚 Bayern Munich
📅7 Dec, 21h

✈️G5: 🆚 Benfica
📅15 Dec, 21h

🏠G6: 🆚 Roseng?rd
📅21 Dec, 21h

Bar?a's intention is that the game against Bayern Munich to be played at Camp Nou. The game against Roseng?rd will depend on the stadium works

It's not possible to play the game against Benfica at Camp Nou because the next day Bar?a men's team have a home fixture


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