Why are we taken for chumps?


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Doubt it.

Doubt it all you like.

Its true.

You are wildly wrong as usual.

Saudis would not offer huge fee for Lewa and less than likes of Neves gone there for by a decent chunk.

It would be much more for Saudi for Araujo, FDJ, Pedri etc to go there in their prime years than Lewa being another big name past his best.

They would pay through roof for the better players in their prime and what message that would send out about the league.


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Is Lewandowski even top 5 in terms of marketability? He is not close to Neymar, thats for sure.
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Is Lewandowski even top 5 in terms of marketability? He is not close to Neymar, thats for sure.

They already got Neymar. The next forward stars to get after Ney, Benzema, and Ronaldo include names like Lewandowski. Unless they do something insane and get someone like Haaland, Mbappe, Osimhen etc. Meaning stars in their prime not at the end of their career.

The only thing is Lewandowski might be arrogant enough to think he can still play in Europe.


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They will pay more on fees for players that are currently relevant and seen as top than likes of Lewa.

There would be a long list of Barca players they would pay higher fee for.


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Emirates could pay decent for Lewa in misguided attempt not too fall behind on the neighbouring leagues. They signed 39 year old Iniesta.


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Psg got 100m from Saudis for Neymar.

Why couldn't we get anything for our players?

Why do we never get anything for dembele, Coutinho, griezmann, Suarez, Messi, Alba, Pique, Busquets and list goes on

We don't get any offers for Fati, or our squad players does the Barca name mean NOTHING?

Where's our 100m offer for Lewa, giving him a salary offer he can't refuse. is he not a star?

Chelsea spent 115m on a player I never even heard of. What is he doing that's so special?

Someone tell me what do these players have that ours don't.

We won the league, and no one in Europe gives a shit
Excellent question.

I think we are soft on and off the pitch and no-one respects that.

If you allow yourself to be bullied it's your fault.
Smaller clubs sell lesser names for big money and look at us.
It's clear we have a reputation for being chumps at negotiations so everyone takes advantage of that.


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Another issue is the politics and lack of stability in the club. I bet there are alot of things going on behind the scenes that we are not privy too.
There are probably differences between coach, president and sporting director and the other clubs take advantage of that.

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