Why are we taken for chumps?


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Psg got 100m from Saudis for Neymar.

Why couldn't we get anything for our players?

Why do we never get anything for dembele, Coutinho, griezmann, Suarez, Messi, Alba, Pique, Busquets and list goes on

We don't get any offers for Fati, or our squad players does the Barca name mean NOTHING?

Where's our 100m offer for Lewa, giving him a salary offer he can't refuse. is he not a star?

Chelsea spent 115m on a player I never even heard of. What is he doing that's so special?

Someone tell me what do these players have that ours don't.

We won the league, and no one in Europe gives a shit


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Barcelona have one global star comparable to Neymar, and that is Lewandowski. Hopefully, the club can sell him to get our money back next season.


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Probably because it gets well known that Barca don't count on them through the media, so it's easy to negotiate a low price.

Pretty much applies to all players clubs are wiling to sell.

Will rarely if ever have players clubs want to move on and media/other clubs dont know it.

Getting 'only' 25/35m for Dembele can go back to how badly the board handled his renewal and subsequent fall out.

While getting 25m for Coutinho was about best could do at that time.

Lots of dfferent factor for each sale.


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Neymar is way more marketable. He is basically on the Messi money that Saudi wanted to pay. Well a bit lower but you get the idea.

Doubt we get much for Lewandowski, simply because he looks the type of guy who would prefer to go to MLS than Saudi Arabia.

But if he was open to Saudi, then surely we can break even on amortization, which is not bad honestly.

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