Which teams are you following this World Cup?


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Not the teams you think will win, but the ones who you will try to follow from beginning to end. Some will watch every game from start to finish, of course, but which teams do you really not want to miss in action? Could be one team, could be eight. Could be because you like a team, could be because you like a player, could be because you like a country. Whatever.

Also: "guilty pleasure" teams, who you aren't necessarily that interested in, but will try to catch, out of curiosity.

Let's make this thread NON-confrontational. Just post your lists, and reasons why the teams made your list (rather than criticize another person's list).

Teams don't need to be in any particular order.

Okay, I'll go:

Must Watch:

Reasons: basically, I like technical players, technical teams, and clever creative attacking. It's why I like Barça. I enjoy good passing, good touch, smart and elegant play.

Guilty pleasures:

Reasons: the USMNT is actually watchable for the first time (assuming they don't retreat into a defensive shell and start playing athletic hoofball, as in past years). I'll be curious as to how they develop along this more modern path. Iran: I've played plenty of pickup ball with Iranian players, and it's clear to me they have sophisticated football culture. I'm interested to see how they do.

Your turn!


Argentina, Brasil, Spain, Germany, Italy, England, Netherlands, Chile, Uruguay, Portugal and France.
Maybe Belgium too.


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Australia, only cause I'm from here, they are garbage. But genuinely following Belgium, Argentina, Brazil, Netherlands. Belgium cause I like a lot of their players, Argentina because they are my favourite national side, Netherlands because I've always liked them and Brazil due to them being hosts.

After that probably England, Portugal and Japan, since I follow the EPL the most, am curious how Cronaldo will do and I just love Japan in general. Would like to see Ivory Coast do well but they probably won't, not after the group stages anyway. I follow them due to them obviously being my favourite African side, Didier Drogba n all.

Guilty pleasures? Hmm, maybe just your general South American sides, so here, Colombia and Chile. Uruguay can shove it, never liked them, and with Suarez their leading man, yuck.
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Brazil, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Italy, England, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Mexico, Croatia


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1) Netherlands - My home country. I am unpatiently waiting for us to finally win the damn thing, after reaching the final in 74,78 and 2010 :cry:
2) Argentina - Always been one of my favorite countries and they have a strong side.
3) Spain - I like to see Barca players do well
4) Brazil - The country is just magical. I'd like to see Nerman do well as well.
5) Germany, Belgium, England, France, Italy, Uruguay, Portugal and Croatia because they are big countries and/or have players I am interested in


Argentina, Holland and Uruguay: great attack
Spain: cheer for them losing
Brazil: hosts
Italy and Korea: best countries
Japan: cool underdogs
Germany and Belgium: ok countries
England: always good for a laugh
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all the major teams but I'm paying special attention to Holland due to Van Gaal.....Hoping England youngsters prove doubters wrong tonight..


1) Netherlands - My home country. I am unpatiently waiting for us to finally win the damn thing, after reaching the final in 74,78 and 2010 :cry:

Feels painful even for the younger generation?
Well, who knows, maybe now it's going to be different, they're going to reach the final and lose it so 2 generation will both have 2 consecutive lost finals :troll: :troll: :troll:.

Just kidding, except for Argentina, who I would like to win for Leo, I would be happy if Netherlands go home with a trophy, 3 finals and all lost isn't an easy thing.


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Iran: A decent and tidy team but I'm from there so that's the reason.


Guilty pleasures:

The thing is I'm trying to watch all the games, except those played at 5:30 am IRDT. So I'll see all of teams at least once.

Samuel Eto'o

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Brasil my love affair goes back to Rivaldo
Spain Barca players
Holland love to watch them play
Camaroon Eto'o
Ivory Coast Always hoping they would shock a major team
Italy Juve's players


lol, I'll watch probably all the games, unless I have something else to do I have no reason not to watch games at 19:00, 22:00 and 01:00.

Yeah, I'll miss some sleep and zombie myself at work but I'm usually used to stay awake till 3 AM and wake up at 8 ( or oversleep till 9:30 :lol: ) and panic move to get out and to work.

But usually in this period:

- No movies ( cinema, at home )
- No worthless "let's go out at 19 to drink a coffee after work"
- No going out drinking where there is no TV
- No hanging out with non-football watching mates or become a fan for this month.


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All games as well except those played in crazy times like tonight

cheering France & Italy as always

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