Uefa Nations League 2022-23


Hope Lucho goes back to club football after WC, did he comment on that? He's to fun for these international games every few months. Just don't know what kind of job could he get, probably not top clubs but someone like Sevilla maybe?

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UEFA changing Nations League and Euro qualifying format again, starting Sep next year
Not much though

1) QF 2-leg stage before Final Four for League A teams placing 1st-2nd - so +2 matches for big NTs
2) Team placed 3rd in League A or B groups will do relegation playoffs. Last placed team gets straight relegation, 1st placed in lower league straight promotion - +1 game each

3) For Euro and WC qualifier groups - currently have 5-6 teams per group, this will go down to 4-5 - so -2 games for most national teams.


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There are too many matches for sure, but I still think the Nations League was a vast improvement over just having a load of friendlies.

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