Uefa Nations League 2022-23


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It's an irrelevant game, but North Macedonians still showed their feelings. The whole stadium booing and disrespecting the national anthem of Bulgaria.


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Will you invade or cede Pirin Macedonia? ;)

None of that. North Macedonia desperately seek membership in the EU. To give a YES vote Bulgaria's demands are inclusion of the Bulgarian minority in their constitution, which has not happened, yet. Meanwhile they acknowledge all the neighbouring countries ethnicities such as Serbs, Albanians, Greeks and etc. There are few theories on that:

1) The WWII trauma of the Bulgarian occupation in Macedonia, Bulgaria being part of Axis force in the period 1941-1944 committed war crimes in Macedonia and Northern Greece.

2) Macedonia was part of Yugoslavia for 45 years until 1990-1991. The Serbian influence is evident to this day on the local population. The locals insult Bulgarian people as Tatars, but I can still understand 80% of their language. Meanwhile talking to Serbs I just get 20-30% of the words they speak, from common Slavic origin. Like this famous/infamous clip of Dejan Savicevic in Zagreb:

I only get the part "Ti si govno!" and the follow up "Jebem te usta te jebem..." :lol:

3) Accepting Bulgarian minority is very delicate thing, which could erase the whole BS mythical Alexander the Great origins of theirs.

Personally I don't care much. I'm for the common good of people, would be glad if they can prosper under the umbrella of being part of NATO and EU.

Back to the game. Initially I wasn't interested to watch the football match between North Macedonia-Bulgaria, but hearing all the booings invested my whole attention and Bulgaria won the match 1-0 in Skopje. So, it felt good, no matter the tragic state of Bulgarian football currently.

P.S. - sorry for posting a political comment in such a thread.


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Sheesh, Gundogan trying to reaffix his captain's armband while England are scoring. :lol: If he hadn't been messing with it, I doubt England would have gotten through the extra man.


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Watching Portugal Spain
Good game...
Not so much shots (1) but both sides are playing for a goal...

Btw. Jerseys are crap. Both.


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Portugal looked pretty bad and defensive, especially for the first 20 minutes. They've still threatened the goal more than Spain though so far.

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