Trofeu Joan Gamper: FC Barcelona - Club León 6-0

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we haven't really played any half decent team this pre season

What's your point by the way? Man United played against top opposition in the preseason and they lost the opening BPL game against Swansea at Old Trafford.


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Despite us not playing any "good" teams this preseason, there is still much to be optimistic about.

Leo's movement and pressing and energy, Rakitic, Neymar back, some flashes of brilliant 1-touch passing, whole team pressing and work rate, etc etc.

We lost to pretty shitty teams last season... Its not as important the quality of our opponents as the quality of our play. Based off the last showing, I'm optimistic about this season.
Wasn't that impressed to be quite honest passing wasn't that great, Leon had the ball for large stretches didn't really do anything with it but still. Neymar and Messi don't look match fit, the only thing that I did like was the idea of alba-Mathieu-pique- Alves at the back. I wanna see what mashcerano can do in busquets position sergio looked a bit laboured at times, but overall yeah, highly average.

A very sober evaluation, which i share. I also agree very much with Mascherano in the Busi position, is it one player that really left some questionmarks last season its Busi, wanna see him much more commanding this season.
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