Trofeu Joan Gamper: FC Barcelona - Club León 6-0

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Neymar man of the first half.
I really liked Rakitic, Mathieu . A little bit disappointed by Don Andres to be honest(even if he made an assist), he hasn't step up since the last games of preparation.


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The team is functioning how it should now - there is possession, but they mix it up with fast counter attacks, there is high pressing as well and Rakitic work rate is just insane, can't wait for new season.


shit match because the opponent was shit.


I was really impressed with our pressing and movement. Even though our opponent wasn't that good we were able to see a lot new things. I was impressed of Messi + Ney partnership, Munir and Mathieu. I'm looking forward to seeing the team against Elche. Visca Barca y Visca Catalunya.


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Have to say that the team looked great today.

There seems to be a lot of skepticism from other fans about Barca's chances this season.

Best thing was that Messi seemed to be buzzing about like the old him! We've missed that so much!! Visca.

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Really cool to watch. Leon was a weak opponent of course but we scored some beauties.
And nice to see our new world class striker play... and score twice. :coffee:


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Good match, beautiful football. Samper really showed his class. Messi and Neymar linked up well and Suarez made his debut. Rakitic and Mathieu played a good match too.


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There were stretches of the first half where I was absolutely amazed by our play, much the same way during the Pep era. I really hope we keep up this form and hunger. That one touch football we played was fantastic.


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So nice to see the end of the long ball era. We looked so much more comfortable when we lost the ball as everyone was not out of position (not the strongest opposition I will be the first to admit) and no more pointless crosses from out wide.
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