Toni Kroos


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I know i talk alot about Modric, but i think we need to move on from this guy as well.

His lack of athleticism doesn't do us any favors in an already aging midfield, it worked while Modric was younger and had the legs to run, now neither of them are young anymore.

Kroos is "only" 32 and should have a few more years left, but i'm not so sure, personally think he is past his best.

El Gato

Said he'd retire at 33 or 34 whenever his contract was up next year.
And to be honest I believe him
I don't know if he'll be another of the vets Perez will try to convince to keep extending, but for one I think he'd actually decline and go.
He seems to have less excessive pride in his game. Retired from NT unlike Modrić.
Luka being BDO winner has more ego to keep trying to prove he can still go

More inclined to not worry he'll go of his own volition.

I don't know what the right thing to do is when it comes to picking when to sit him down.
But reckon there'll be far less fuss around his rotation and might even be vocal in support of rotation if coach made clear he wants it done


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Contract runs out summer 2023, so yeah, 33-34 years of age.

Don't mind him staying until then, as long as we rotate much more next season.


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He looks like he is 10 years older than Modric. Looks done at the top level, only his passing is still world class.


I actually thought he was great today. He probably thought the same as well since he was angry when he got subbed out.

El Gato

Gotta be blind to say he did well.
He was ok like 5 mins before sub when stripped Kante. Other than that the usual passenger who doesn’t follow markers


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I give him a maximum of 1 year before he retires. Contract is out in 2023, I think that's the last one.

El Gato

Has apparently said he would like to have played under Klopp

Could do a Xabi Alonso looks like

And might not be only one to leave if we win CL
If he breaks first I'd almost expect likes of Casemiro and Carvajal to follow. Can see Cristiano asking for any one of them TBF
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