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Man,loved this guy during his days here,one of the most underrated players we had

He was deemed old/slow/injury prone and thus obsolete in 2009. How wrong everyone was...

We loved him in Frank's years. His accurate long balls, header goals, could play a DM too. He was our ball playing CB before pep "invented" them.

Both Puyol & Marquez was very very good with the ball,probably even better than Pique but they just had different duties than him. Puyol was one of the best defenders I've ever seen in taking on players. an aspect that people tend to forget about him.
During Rijkaard days they were asked more to start attacks but with direct style rather than tiki-taka one though


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Don't really know why we sold him anyway..... Considering the scarcity in CBs that we experienced in the last few seasons! May be he was on high wages or some thing


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Rafa Marquez (Ex-Barcelona): "I realised that I'd left Barcelona to early." [MARCA]

Marquez: "In the moment I thought that it was a good idea to go to the USA and ease down a little bit."

Marquez: "But when I was there I wanted and could have played at a more competitive level. The truth it I regret it."

Marquez: "Barcelona gave me the best memories of my career."

Marquez: "I had the most beautiful years in a wonderful city which always treated me with a lot of affection."

Marquez: "They were seven incredible years at one of the most important institutions in the world."

Marquez: "The first days I was thinking that it was a dream, I could not believe that I was there... my life had undergone a radical change"

Marquez: "I was next to Ronaldinho, Xavi, [Carles] Puyol... it was hard to adapt."

Marquez: "After that I was aware that if I was there, there was a reason for that and the good times began."

Marquez on Luis Enrique: "You soon realised that he was a born leader."

Marquez: Return to Barcelona after retirement? "It's in my plans, I would be delighted to return to Barcelona if they would consider it."

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Seriously though, as someone who deals with them for a living - OFAC Sanctions come from the Treasury Department, which means they are tied to the United States executive branch. This move may be entirely political coming from an administration that has made trying to humiliate Mexico a priority. As far as I'm aware there's no attempt to extradite Rafa or anyone else being sanctioned, this is solely about freezing their United States based financial assets.

I'll be curious to see what happens next.

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