Premier League 2022/2023

PL winner?

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Omg.. Brighton are so good right now.

3rd best team in England for sure.

Brighton eye for talent and development is outstanding. Look at that Irish teen they started today, straight from the U19s of Bohemians a few years back.

There is a recently bought Spanish team in the lower leagues using them as a point of reference with the target of reaching LaLiga.

Let's see if someone in Spain can manage a similar project.


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No one saw what happened at Man U FUlham game? Ref gave 3 reds to Fulham in same instance. To a staff member, William and Mitrovic lol.


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Need De Zerbi to stay another year at Brighton.

If this team doesn't progress further in Europe under Xavi next season then De Zerbi to Barca in 2024 :coffee:


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Calma some people here said PSG would win the CL and backtracked on that playing the blame game. Expected. :lol:

ETH is a proper coach.

tbf i thought PSG had a g00d shot at winning CL last year.

But Argentina were my fav to win WC from the start. So kinda redeemed myslef.


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Big teams always get "lucky". Trailing to some bums so ref intervenes just in time so they have a relaxed end of the game.

William got red for blocking the shot with his hand deliberately in front of goal. Mitrovic after pushed the ref. Both red 100% just.

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