Premier League 2021/2022

Who will win the Premier League?

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:lol: :lol: Watch out lads, he's seething. Probably gonna go make another "free OG" thread



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Bigger competition than the "Finalissima." Congrats on the W and promising signs for the season.

Shush mate. Don't say it out loud. They'll mock Liverpool for celebrating their FA+League Cup double whilst celebrating that joke of an event as a major international achievement. Typical. But we don't wanna hurt their feelings, do we? :lol:


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Ten Hag: "I certainly don't condone this [#mufc players leaving early against Rayo Vallecano]. This is unacceptable. For everyone. We are a team and you have to stay until the end." [@viaplaysportnl via @adnl]

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