Premier League 2021/2022

Who will win the Premier League?

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Laporta already has endrick locked up, that's why he sign lewa, 2+1 years if lewa then it's endrick time, Perez still has his eyes in Mbappe, didn't completely rule going in back for him.

That's my perfect world dream.


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Remember they are "mental monsters" , they'll bring in & around the topfor sometime to come, winning though, we'll see.


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Community Shield doesn't mean much. People will write off Pep and Haaphand. But last year Leicester won it. The year before Arsenal.

So... Yeah.


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Great game. Promising conditioning and fitness. Good debut Darwin. We're going to be lethal at counter attacks like we were until 2018 with the pace of the front 3.

Would hate it if we lost this game. Exciting times ahead. Well done Klopp

Bigger competition than the "Finalissima." Congrats on the W and promising signs for the season.

El Gato

Some folk have already seem determined for Nunez to fail on back of a few misses and City to be finished



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Didn't make reference to Messi but someone still clearly rattled from getting destroyed so hard last week

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