Phil Foden


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Name: Philip Walter Foden
Current Team: Manchester City
Positions: CM
Nationality: England
DOB: 28.05.2000
Height: 171cm
Foot: Left


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Great talent. I think Foden and Brahim will get a lot more chances this season.


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I think he needs a loan away from City. He has good vision and a good final ball, he just needs to get used to the pace of the men's game on a consistent basis. He still gets caught in possession too much I think.



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Some pundit said he was the nearest thing to Iniesta FGS !!

Seems a very odd suggestion considering he's all left footed and is clearly being influenced by David and Bernard Silva ...


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should've taken the approach that the other English youngsters are doing and move abroad, either permanent or on loan. He is mad talented but he'll be stuck in his developement by never playing regularly and he already wasted last year and looks to waste another one.

El Gato

Who is in charge of scouting at City? Can’t possibly credit Txiki. It’s starting to feel like that crop who played together since circa 2015 are the current golden generation.


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Pep will make something out of this guy.

This aged very well. Phil's a local kid and while there were many calls for him to be loaned out or to leave altogether, he stuck it out despite not getting a lot of minutes early. Of course, he had great players ahead of him like D.Silva.

It has paid off though as he is a gem, so much to like in his game and he can still get better. That being said, all that money & time/energy on City's academy and they effectively have one player to show for it


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City have a good academy but they lose too many players as dont get chances.

Sancho etc all left for that reason.

El Gato

That being said, all that money & time/energy on City's academy and they effectively have one player to show for it

It's not like academies produce more than a couple every few years at this level. Only United have recently spat out Greenwood, Rashford, McTominay and maybe Henderson (GK) if you count him. Liverpool starting to use more of their academy out of necessity too, as do Barca. Real's generation other than Reguilon is garbage. Bayern had absolutely nobody come through in ages, unless you count Davies who barely played for their B team since being signed. So on

Angelino (23 yrs old, in academy since 2013), been on loans at Mallorca and PSV, now at Leipzig till summer 21
Brahim (21, 2012), skint Real for 20M despite contract ending in 6 months, ripping it up at Milan
Maffeo (23, 2013), Girona, then bought by Stuttgart upon Girona relegation, on loan at Huesca
Eric Garcia (19, 2017)
Sancho (20, 2015)

only then you have the Nmechas of this world

It'd probably make sense for them to negotiate buybacks more often yes (unless they already do, I dont follow exit deals intently enough)


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Sancho is not an academy product of City. Neither is Brahim or Angelino, they were all mecenaries like Bernabe

City simply doesn't produce them, partly because there is no analogous Segunda league for them to get seasoned in which Pep has talked about

RM doesn't use their cantera to develop 1st team players but turn a profit which is what Rosell & Bartomeu were attempting to do but have failed miserably at it

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