Oscar Mingueza


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Good that's he's moved on, at least he's not holding on for dear life like others, but he also doesn't have a big contract.


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❗️Celta Vigo have reached an agreement with Barcelona to sign Mingueza for €2m/€3m. Bar?a will reserve a percentage of a future sale.

2 mil ?

Real would have gotten at least 15 mil for him , smh.

Expected to sell him for much more.


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Depending on what % we get it might not end up being that bad of a deal. Unless he flops there but well then we sold a bum for a bum price, not the end of the world.


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Probably because most of the time he’s been pretty shit. Hard worker though and has a lot of grit but not great defensively let’s be honest.
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We may as well just let all the deadwood go for FREE if it?s just a matter of getting them and their wages off the books ?!?!

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