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Nicholas Williams Arthuer, known as Williams Jr., is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a winger for Athletic Bilbao.

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Inaki's little bro ;) Burst onto the scene in recent weeks, scored a couple of times as well. Was nice to see the Williams brothers as the two strikers finishing the Atletico game last night.


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Having a good start to the season, looks like a better finisher than Inaki.

Also called up for Spain, Lucho probably doesn't want to "lose" him to Ghana.
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He has scored his first goal for NT in a friendly against Jordan. Should be a good option of the bench in Qatar and with how much Lucho rotates probably start a game or two as well.


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Not been all that amazing for Bilbao but he possesses the raw pace teams will want to work with and see if can improve.

He is going to be linked strongly with Barca until next summer.

Ansu ooot..Nico in.

Make some bucks and invest in CF when Lewa is punted next summer.


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Contract up next summer, in an extremely barren looking summer expiry pool he is one of the standouts.

Does he have an extension option at Bilbao?

Looked a bit more exciting for Spain yesterday at AML. That's where he could slot in for us.


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I don't like him. Just seems like another Jackson, Havertz, Inaki Williams, Hojlund, Mudryk etc etc where a lot is made of them being 'difficult' and a 'struggle' to play against but actually aren't that effective or good at football...

Just athletes who can dribble.


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If he is free though, it's an improved Abde option though. While the Williams brothers just don't get injured (ahem, Dembele).


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I think he will renew with Athletic, but for a free transfer he seems like a no-brainer even if there's better talents out there for the LW position.
Depends on how much we can spend too. Nico Williams + a top LW for the position would be ideal if we can spend.

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