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So, since 2014 and Thiago, the best players from La Masia are average Roberto, ruined by injuries Ansu and Pepe Gavi?

I often asked a lots of years ago:
1. is La Masia THAT golden and special?
2. or La Masia is meh, who just had once in a lifetime golden generation and then media and fans have built a myth around it?

Remember how many failures who were hyped before that we had in the last 7-8 years.

A few years ago, lots of fan suggested: sell all older midfielders and play with Alena, Puig and baby Busquets Oriol, and we are set for the next 15 years.

The simple answer is that it is very hard to consistently develop top tier players. On the other hand alot of LaLiga level players have come through LaMasia since Roberto. So if we placed the restrictions on ourself like Bilbao, LaMasia could produce a decent midtier LaLiga club.

And of course between the gap of Roberto and Gavi there were the ones that got away like Grimaldo, Cucurella and Onana who could have made our first team.

In the end LaMasia is a little overrated in terms of complete player development as it produces few forwards/strikers and is too midfield heavy. Their needs to be a inner look into developing more modern players.


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In reality it's produced mostly duds or average players.

That's true for any academy/youth setup. You people are reinventing the wheel as usual. By statistic alone, a vast majority of players are going
to fail or be average role players in low level competition. Club like Barca demands the highest quality, specially in 1st team, which of course means there is going to be a lot of duds on every level of club setup.
I'm sure there are stats out there which can quantify the quality of football academies and i'm sure La Masia is near the top of that list.


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This is from October 2021. No club is churning out more top 5 league players than Barca.




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Some of you are twisting the main point.

I am not saying that Barca is not good at creating 1st division players or players for top5 countries.

The question is: WE are BARCA. We need top level players.
And an invented propaganda myth (around 2010' while we were on top) was that La Masia is the best in the world and fans often said: we need to go back to our roots and produce players from La Masia (like we always were).
That point is unsustainable.
Before Xavi, Iniesta in 90s, La Masia was very average.
Then came Xavi-Iniesta plus Fabregas, Pique, Pedro and the myth was created.

After them, again we had 100s of duds and nothing else.

About these numbers from above how La Masia is on top in creating players from La Liga or Top5 1st divisions in Europe, there are also some things to consider:
1. we have cheated like no one. Remember that we were banned for breaking the rules and signing way too many foreign kids in 00s and 10s.
And during our cheating days, of course that we had more young talent than RM, Man Utd or Psg.
And today, when those players are 15, 28 or 33 and playing all around Europe = stats say that La Masia was good.
Yeah, it was good because we cheated and now we see fruits of that with 50 random average players all around Europe.
But, inspite of cheating, we weren't able to produce good players for our team after Messi.

2. the 2nd factor is: when we were on top of Europe and when we were cheating with signing huge amounts of foreign talents (kids), back then kids and their families wanted to come here because the chances were high that a kid will develop well at La Masia and earn a lot of money one day.
Today, we can't do that anymore because we can't cheat with a number of signed kids.
But also, since our 1st team is not on top of Europe and La Masia is dry for like a decade, new kids from Africa or Europe are rather moving to other fancy destinations like Red Bull, Psg or Man City.

So, not only that La Masia is dry for a decade, but also, logic implies that it will get even worse in the next decade due to these 2 factors from above.

All in all, there is not too much logic or hope that La Masia will produce something magnificent, but still, whenever a new kid from La Masia comes (Gavi, Balde), people are, as always, losing their heads and overrate the players by 300-400%.
Just because he is young and from a mighty La Masia.

I am writing negatively from some time about our club, but as I have said, when you remove emotions, there is absolutely nothing positive to look at.
1. the current 1st team is bad
2. there are no star power players
3. there are no leaders
4. La Masia is dry for a decade
5. and all factors indicate that nothing extraordinary will come from it anytime soon
6. majority of new signings (young players) are very bad
7. we don't have any money
8. we splashed even more money which we don't have on Torres, Raphinha, granny Lewa
9. we sold a part of our future tv rights to have a good team now, which we don't have
10. we got KOd in a group stage of a CL twice. Not only that our image got worse, but we also lost tons of money, and we are already in huge debts
11. Pep's curse: we can't move on from Pep's ideas, Pep's years, Pep's way of playing. A mighty Barca DNA. We will be stuck in time for who knows how long.
And then we are stuck in time with bad coaches, bad players, with dry La Masia, with sporting directors chasing past and not moving forward. And on top of all, we don't have money.
12. bad coaches
13. La Liga getting weaker and weaker each new year with top talents leaving and all of us earn less money
14. EPL and oil teams are fancy and hot teams now. Sponsors, fans and players are running to them, not to us.

But, our fans and socios don't change.
Majority still live under the ideas:
1. there is nothing wrong with our system. We only need better players and we will fly again (Xavi probably thinks the same: why changing anything? We just need a few more signings)
2. people also think that nothing is wrong with La Masia. Yet it only produces 168cm duds with 45 kgs. There is zero work on physique or psychology in our club.
3. the board is constantly hiring Barca DNA coaches. Because we are proud, that is our identity. And: it worked 15 years ago, so why wouldn't it work again? Well, Ac Milan worked in 1989, but it doesn't work in 2022. Brazilian NT team was once by far the best in the world. Today: they won't win a WC for the next 50 years.

So again, when you remove emotions and delusions, it is really shocking to watch our club and decisions and directions they take.
When you take everything from the above into the account, it seems that we are not even near the bottom.
The worst years are yet to come.



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I am writing negatively from some time about our club, but as I have said, when you remove emotions, there is absolutely nothing positive to look at.

Wrong. Your posts are emotions. Negative emotions to be more precise.

Every subject has 2 poles from which you can look at it. You always choose the negative one and proclame yourself a realist. Guess what? All negative people call themselves realists and they
fail to realise that they don't see in to the future and that their opinions are just that. Opinions.


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BBZ's doom and gloom stuff is getting really irritating, even for a generally pessimistic person like me.

It is a huge blurb without much substance, really. Yes the first team hasn't been that good, but gosh, I don't know what people are expecting after the end of an era and clearly we are still in the rebuild phase. Things take time to pan out and turn around.

And even though that is the case (that our 1st team isn't doing that great and we are short on money etc.), La Masia? What about it? "Dry for a decade"? Dry in what way? I don't know what BBZ and other folks are expecting, I for one am not expecting to get the likes of Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and prime Busquets etc. regularly or at all again from La Masia and I am fine with that, the likes of Ansu, Gavi and Balde are good enough for me. I am not expecting us to produce the next Messi's and the Iniesta's etc. and conquer the world with them. Which club's lifeline is pinned entirely or mostly on its cantera/academy these days anyways? Don't most spend to buy the players they want? We are already one of the teams with most cantera players, it makes sense to buy the players we want elsewhere to make a competitive team.

I am not sure if BBZ follows our youth as much as some other members like Porque, Bobo, delancey etc. do, I don't. But from my casual exposure to youth/La Masia news and stuff, I got the impression that there are quite a few pretty promising players there. I could be wrong and they could very well turn out to be nothing but that's OK. I am sure good, maybe not great players will continue to churn out from La Masia and I am fine with it.


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True, not much substance, just moaning that Barcelona are not as ruthless as Madrid basically. Barcelona are their own thing and pretty different compared to Madrid, and that unfortunately is part of the problem for some fans who got attached to the club during an inconclusive period.

You need to have a clear view of this club's strenghts and weaknesses, what the club is about and how it fits into the grand scheme of European football. This stubbornes and dogmatic approach we have to how we think football should be played is both our downfall at times, but also the core of our greatest teams. One without the other is not possible. This is not a switch you turn on or off whenever you want.

If that doesn't do it for you, then you are supporting the wrong club.
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Had another disasterclass today, don't think he will turn it around before January. Frankly, he deserves prolonged benchwarming for his latest performances. Way too clumsy and late to challenges as DM. I still think he is much better as an interior/box-to-box. His best qualities are almost useless at DM


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Box to box?
I think a box to box player should have a bit more mobility and speed.
This guy lacks that.
Probably needs to be sold.


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Slow, tall, clumsy, no offensive output...

On his way to Getafe/Valladolid.

Little better then Alena/Puig but still not worth keeping.

We need more athletic players, not soft spanish beach boys


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He just isn't good enough. However, it really doesn't matter since we already have 2 enormous talents Pedri and Gavi. We will just need to buy one technically and physically strong DM and that's it.


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It is not long ago someone in here was adamant that clauses to prevent loaned out players playing against us was a thing of the long and distant past and yet ?

Xavi: "Nico's clause? I think it's good that he cannot play against us. We don't want him to harm us. It's a good decision by the club."

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It is not long ago someone in here was adamant that clauses to prevent loaned out players playing against us was a thing of the long and distant past and yet ?

Xavi: "Nico's clause? I think it's good that he cannot play against us. We don't want him to harm us. It's a good decision by the club."

Holy shit he's afraid Nico can hurt Barca, he's really given up all hope on his gimp tactics then. Laporta needs to put him out of his misery and drop the axe.

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