Neymar Jr.


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apparently he's having a poker game held in barcelona



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Idiots. Fucked entire team up with his snake move and they smile like it's nothing. There is no sense of pride and self-respect with those players.
It was the same crap last year when Neymar had the balls to come back despite everything that happened that summer and him suing the club for his loyalty Bonus.

Dude walked in like nothing happened and the players were ecstatic to see him. Neymar is one of those guys who could burn down the club offices, trash the locker rooms while claiming he's a Madridista. But the guys would still be like "Well he's a good guy and we miss him!"


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lol you guys are so dumb sometimes
no player here is going to hold a personal vendetta against neymar because they understand why he chose money.
99% of our players are mercenary's and would abandon ship if we stop winning or money stops coming in.

to the players its part of the job and believe it or not, maybe, just maybe neymar is a good friend and his life doesn't revolve around a business decision.


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Which has nothing to do with the club welcoming him in its training facilities.

He's suing the club and we're letting him come as he pleases. lol I'd never do that.


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Think he's already missing the club :lol: But I agree, he's a toxic character and the further away he is the better.


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The only acceptable place for Neymar at Barca's facilities:


Put the lid on after to prevent the stench from getting out too. Gross.


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no wonder these players capitulate in the CL. :lol:

not even Real madrid players give this kind of deference to CR7...and he did 10 times as much for real as this guy did for barca.


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Piqué: "Did I ask Neymar to not go to Madrid? We didn't talk about it. Today he came to training, he has a lot of friends here and we talked about a lot of things. I am glad he came to visit his second home."

Now that's an idiot.


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