Neymar Jr.


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Made my contribution and gave this thread a 1 star staring now the entire thread has an overall rating of 1 star.

I have incredible influence.


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All this talk about shadows, he's his own biggest shadow. A huge talent but at the same time an enormous idiot.

He is and will always be a big child.


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How I Imagine Hardcore Neymar fans reactions to this thread.

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that 6-1 psg performance is as good as any performance messi has had in his career. just because he snaked the club doesnt mean that he still isnt at worst the 2nd best player in the world
:lol: Stop trolling Messi's performance against Arsenal in 2010 is enough to top that Psg performance ( Haven't mentioned Cl final 2011 , Cl semi final 2011 , Bayern 2015 , Bayern 2009 . He was our best player that day against PSG . That's it . It won't even feature in top 5 performance by a Barca player in this millennium


Full name: Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior
Date of birth: 5 February 1992
Place of birth: Mogi das cruzes, Brazil
Height: 175 cm (5ft 9 in)
Playing position: Rolling on the left flank

Would just change his playing position a bit.

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