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Bullpoop, freaking EA


a goalkeeper that keeps 15 clean sheets in the Premier League and dominates his box in the air from set-plays and crosses like no other is given a 79 rating!!!! typical freaking EA Sports.

He also appears to Van Gaal's Number 1 choice for the Holland National team. He kept a clean sheet last night against Turkey.
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Hatem Ben Arfa

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this is how it should be:

Ben Arfa 84
Cisse 84
Ba 83
Gutierrez 80
Anita 80
Cabaye 82
Santon 81
Coloccini 85
Taylor 79
Simpson 78
Krul 84


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so Tim Krul a goalkeeper that kept 15 clean sheets in the Premier League last season deserves 79 rating?

on the other hand Joe Hart who kept 2 more clean sheets than Krul last season gets an 85 rating.

More EA Sports Bullpoop.

Coloccini named 1 of the 2 best center backs in the Premier League alongside Kompany and he only gets an 81 rating while Kompany gets an 86 rating. Bullpoop!

i agree that some of the ratings are a bit harsh, santon down at 75 seems odd, he's better then that, collocini, ben arfa and ba should be 83, krul should be 81........


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I've never called Swansea a "worse team".

The fact that Swansea play 'keep the ball away from the other team' and are even happy to pass it sideways in their half for 80mins of a game is a huge reason for their 13 clean sheets (just like Spain at Euro2012 except for the final; I wouldn't say it was down to Casillas playing well, just style they played). This season however they actually go forward and penetrate with their passing under Luadrup.

As for Vorm he should be rated very similar to Tim Krul, he had a very good season. However Tim Krul is better, no one in the premier league commands the box like he does from corners, crosses etc. He will catch just about everything thrown into his box.

The fact that the Newcastle starting 11 cost roughly £20 million more than Swansea's is nothing compared to the difference between Newcastle and Man City starting 11's difference in cost.

It's interesting that you say that. In the Dutch team, he did a very bad job at that. He looked very insecure when he had to deal with crosses, we always looked like conceding from them. Turkey could've easily scored one. Krul did well on the line though.


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It fierce local rivalry with Sunderland, and the two clubs have engaged in the Tyne–Wear derby since 1898. The club's traditional kit colours are black and white striped shirts, black shorts and black socks. Their traditional crest takes elements of the city coat of arms which features two seahorses.


8 year contract for Pardew is utterly insane!

Could be good though


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Pardew is a legend.

When Newcastle inevitibly fall down the table this, next year, it's inevitable as Newcastle always implodes its in their genes. So when they do Pardew is going to get a mega pay off!!!

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