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"You're overreacting, our team is just saving themselves..."

Lol. I said it after the first leg against Arsenal. Already back then were the signs clear that our team and MSN were getting tired and fatigued. But no, we got that nice streak and everything is green grass and fucking gold. We had some crazy luck too for a while to cover up some of our tiredness for the people that didn't yet see it, but it couldn't last forever. Nothing ever does.


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To me yesterday's loss and elimination can only be salvaged and avenged by us winning the league and the CdR, and by Bayern and Real Madrid getting eliminated from the CL.


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We will lose to Atletico in the CL, throw away the Liga with losses to Sociedad and Valencia and lose in the Copa final. Zidane turns out to be the new Pep as he wins the double. Lucho gets sacked, Gary Neville replaces him and gets Barcelona relegated for the first time in history as Real become the first team to win back-to-back CL titles.

Not quite there yet, but it's a start! :pep:

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Barcelona should make some huge changes in its squad for next season unless it wants to lose more money in the future.
Firstly, we should sell Marc-André ter Stegen (23), Claudio Bravo (33), Jérémy Mathieu (32), Thomas Vermaelen (30), Aleix Vidal (26), Adriano (31), Douglas (25), Arda Turan (29), Sandro Ramírez (20). TerStegenn didn't show good reaction in this season and also he's style don't appreciate for Barca. Claudio Bravo is 33 and he will retire soon.JérémyyMathieuu is 32 and he instead of him we can let Bartra play because he is young and by playing more he will improve. ThomasVermaelenn is always injured and also he is 30.Aleixx Vidal is not good substitution for Dani Alves, specially with this price.Adrianoo is completely inefficient. Douglas is worse thanAdrianoo. Buying Arda Turan was completely wrong and I don’t know what Luis Enrique think about him because he obviously isn't match with Barca's tactics.Sandroo Ramírezis a good player but not for Barca. He's level is lower than the others.

Secondly, we should buy these players: Thibaut Courtois or David de Gea as a keeper both of them are good and has a brilliant future. For central defender we should sign Marquinhos from PSG. For left defender Kenedy from chelsea is OK. For right defender César Azpilicueta is the best specially if dani leaves us, because he is Spanish and also he has great form in this season and he will be helpful for us. In central midfield line we have to sign Miralem Pjanić because he will fill Xavi's position in Barca. Oscar from Chelsea is the best player for filling Iniesta's position. Philippe Coutinho should sign to Barca as soon as it possible because he will be the next superstar of soccer world and specially he will be one for Barca with he's playing style, even today is so late for signing him.

In conclusion, if FC Barcelona wants to be successful in next seasons they have to sell useless and elder players and instead of them they should sign appreciate players for team, who plays completely compatible with Barca. The best example for us should be FC Bayern Munich look how they replaced Costa and Coman instead of Roben and Ribery and Lewandowski instead of Mandžukić. The other great point is La Masia. Gerard Piqué, Xavi, Iniesta and so many others are from there. Therefore, we have to get them chances for playing if we want to keep our team heart alive. At last, we have to have some professional persons like Matthias Sammer, Klaus Allofs and Reske in our team because they understand football very well, they find the weakness points of team and they solve the problems by the better way.

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After Barcelona's 1-2 loss against Valencia at Camp Nou....



















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I always wanted to open a NTC thread, but thought it wouldn't be entertained. But I'm glad somebody made it. :)

So our season's looking to end in an anti-climax. I have had 13/14 season vibrations for quite some time. Going out of the CL in the Qtrs (check), followed by drawing in the final fixture to lose the league (pending) and a CDR defeat(pending).


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stupid freaking good-for-nothing Man City.... Real gonna win the CL

Atletico the league and Sevilla the cup....

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