Mikel Arteta


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Wasn't sure if he was top class but his recent performances have proven that he is. He's so important to our midfield that he's probably undroppable. His performance against City was brilliant - he ran midfield and chased absolutely everything. The goal typified his performance.

Oh and his hair :worthy:

Hatem Ben Arfa

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you have to watch players like him live in the stadium to truly appreciate their class and see how they run the game and control its tempo first hand.


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Arteta: “I said to Havertz: things are hard at the beginning. When I met my wife, at the beginning it was hard to conquer her. It was hard, I had to try and message her, and go, and go”.

That ain't it chief.


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Arteta trying too hard to emulate Guardiola first with "genius transfers that people will understand with time" now with "DAF*#( responses"


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Wednesday night we will find out alot about him. Bayern are really not that good at this moment, so this game will be alot about the mentality and confidence that the coaches can convey for a all or nothing match.
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There's always the tendency to credit or discredit the coach for everything. Arteta seems like a decent coach, but Arsenal as a whole did well building the team. If anything Arteta fails to really inspire them.

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