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No wonder negotiations took so long with Araujo and still with Gavi. (if the Puig salary is true ofc).
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11:15 - Presses for 1st goal
20:44 - easy recovery and good pass to start a counter
24:03 - picks off defender in the box and has a Torres-like shot attempt
25:15 - forces a foul on a good dribble
35:55 - pre-assist for 2nd goal
37:25 - aggressive challenge for sky ball (Gavi would've dove and cried for foul)
38:00 - intelligent screen for Cucurella
40:26 - good pass
42:30 - brilliant dribble and would-be assist
46:45 - shot attempt outside box few yards off target
47:35 - low xG shot attempt inside box few yards off target
51:30 - excellent tiki taka including a nutmeg into a pre-assist for Delo's hattrick

He does more in one half than Gavi did in two months holy shit.

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