Matthijs de Ligt


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This kinda toxic attitude bothers me lol Barca wasnt even really interested. They were buying Griezmann.

Its like me saying hope every Danish players fails cus Barca got none

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How do you know that? Right now we are going for Neymar who cost 2-3 times De Ligt and Griezmann was a done deal since 3 months ago.
I think it is more possible that we were into him, but he turned us down. Juventus is a direct competitor for Barca to the CL, so of course I don't wish them good luck.

And no, it's not like saying every danish player should fail, because Barca don't have any. It's really not.
Was I allowed to be mad at Neymar when he left, or should I just wish him good luck and thanks for all the memories, btw?


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Bonucci will be benched after his first brainfart. He has a few in him every season so De Ligt will take his spot pretty soon.


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Nah. Raiola is with him. These players very rarely join Barca. I seriously doubt he will ever join Barca. This was his chance.

I don't see it either. Some fans seem bitter when it should've been obvious the moment he hired Raiola - he will prioritize paycheck over all else. He was always a luxury buy, shame but we move on


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De Ligt also has them

Yeah but with Bonucci you know what you get. He won't ever change his ways while it's more understandable for a 20 year old to have the odd brainfart. However, with De Ligt, he can get the errors out of his system with more experience.

By the middle of the season I expect De Ligt to be a starter, no doubt.

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Like on every football forum, there's only a handful people with a good opinion.
I mean, 99% of the users here write insane bullshit on the regular.

yeah, like some promising that de ligt goes to barca

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