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If we'd compare Barca to City, will Alemany have the role of Ferran Soriano, who's a CEO, with Jordi as the sole DoF? Or is he and Jordi going to be splitting Txiki's role as DoF?

Alemany won't be involved in choosing the players we sign more than from an economic point of view, am I right?


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CEO will be Ferran Reverter (Media Markt) - similar to position Grau held under Barto

Mateu Alemany will be the SD, with Jordi Cruyff as Technical Secretary

Jaume Giro, VP Economic Sector


No, he's in China.

Speaking head in silhouetteJordi Cruyff’s to Chinese media: I want to deny the news that I’ll travel (to Barcelona) on Wednesday, I’ll be at the training court of Shenzhen. Until now I haven’t had any contact with Bar?a , and anything to happen need to be approved by Kaisa

Still hoping for a surprise like Overmars.


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Of course Laporta, Alemany will talk to Ramon Planes first before they make a decision. I doubt that Overmars would take the role of a Technical Secretary under Alemany though. Too less responsibilities for someone with his experience.


Yeah, I expect Jordi will get the job at some point, just wanted to point out that it isn't official as is Alemany and the CEO.

Just hope Jordi doesn't wait until the summer because of some Chinese job. Everybody needs to start working ASAP.

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