Marc Guiu


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Tbf I almost want him to decide to retire tomorrow and become everybody's favourite pub quiz question in Europe.


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Well, he was meh in the 15-20 minutes he was on however was clearly times he could have been crossed or passed to but seemed ignored. Hope to see him in start once we have qualified and a sub once we have ended games or need a goal to see roughly where he is at.


Poor guy scores today and nobody says anything because because he wasn't chosen at 15 as the wonder God of the future. 2 goals in 45 minutes of play. Maybe we have something here.


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Guy is crazy. Comes on against Bilbao for 11 minutes and singlehandedly wins Barca the game just to disappear completely (he was at the U17 World Cup btw) after that. Yesterday he reappears and scores again.

Definitely deserves some subs. Crazy body for a 17yo and pretty quick too considering his height.

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