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Read his tweeter account which is all in Arabic,still can't find the original tweet (too lazy to search all his tweets) but he said something a bit different

Here is my attempt to translate it

They(Malaga) will try to Fuck RM on the pitch (literally he said they(RM) will be flogged on the pitch,which is an Arabic term used in many Gulf countries means humiliating opponents)
But Catalan Scum won't "smell" the league,
after making lies about the coach
And the one pointed here is the media
That made up stories they will hand the game to RM
Which is totally unacceptable
We don't sell games
And I want an official apologizes from the media about what they said on the coach or anyone from this institution (Malaga)
And any one who wants to explain it in a way from his own fiction,do what you want
Thanks a lot
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There is also ton of other tweets insulting Catalan media,he replies almost on everyone in Arabic to a point that I regret deleting my twitter account as I wanted to participate in this show :lol:
Made a stupid comment that Catalan media wants to do to Malaga what they have done to PSG, don't get it tbh

Overall I think this will favors us a lot,Malaga is now in no position not to give 100% on the pitch against RM,their coach changed what he said and said he will try to win because that is what he learned in RM.
All in all, that good for us


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So Malaga is basically bending down for RM even before the game occurs? How is this even possible in a professional sports league? If this happened in the NBA, NFL, or MLB, there would be several legal cases against the team and looking into the matter. Only in Spain can shit like this happen. Absolutely pathetic.

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Calm down your tits, they are not giving up before the game. Like they do not have respect for themselves. The overreaction, lel.


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Lol, I'm Arab. Yup, he insulted Barca but he backtracked on that Real Madrid claim and said he demands an apology.


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The apology tweet is a method used by celebrities. And you all know it never works really. Profile hacking? Man, he was nobody yesterday... and now he is a Madrid star. Hilarious.

I don't care about his ethnicity, really, he could be a Martian if he wants to. I don't care. The important thing - that is yet another blowjob for Florentino Perez. Basically he said what 10-20% of La Liga is thinking and wishing right now. (BARCA CRASH AND BURN)

All bookmakers worldwide either will leave Malaga - Real Madrid out of their match list or change Real Madrid's coefficient to 0.25 for a win.:lol:

I'm going to quote what our fellow member Raed replied to me this morning:
there is no such thing as 'backing real', thats hallucinations because the way barcelona over and over again pressure the referee into issuing cards and making decisions in their favor is ridiculous. in other leagues, barcelona players would get sent off for this type of behavior.
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It could be worse if they kept silence n secretly sabotaged our Liga title hope by deliberately gifting Madrid a win! So things aren't that bad ;)
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Malaga's president Al Thani says they don't sell games & he has proof Barca offered money to beat Real Madrid.



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I'm really enjoying their shit form right now. Truly deserved. I hope they play Barcelona B next season in Segunda.

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