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That's surprising. I've read that Juande got a great offer from Chinese club and that's why he left.

Also, Sport is reporting that Oscar Garcia is one of the favourite candidates of Malaga's SD Francesc Arnau (our ex GK) to become their new coach. He's still under contract with Salzburg until 2018 but they have recently changed their SD and that could lead to Garcia possibly leaving Austrian club. Personally, I'd like to see him coaching in La Liga and Malaga have some talented youngsters he'd probably like to work with.

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Few days ago, Málaga made an official statement that Juande Ramos has reisgned as their coach.

The Spaniard made an open latter about his time for them (link)

Málaga's new coach is Marcelo Romero



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Adalberto Penaranda will join Malaga on loan until end of the season. He was good for Granada, nice to see him back in La Liga. Apparently, Gato Romero will play with two forwards so we'll see how he'll work with Sandro. Also, because Malaga already have all 3 non-EU spots filled (Rosales, Santos, Welligton) and they need one to register Penaranda, Welligton, who is currently injured and is considering retirement has offered the club his salary and non EU-spot if they need that. I hated him for his fight with Messi a few years ago and think he is/was a pretty dirty player overall but that's a really nice gesture from a longtime captain.


Google translate...

On several occasions I have made clear my position, that on the day that I did not see myself playing or that the club would not count on me, I would have no problem in giving up my record. During these months I have struggled to recover from my injury, but now is not the time to think about me. That's why I want to make it clear to all that, if the club sees it necessary to make some signing, I put myself at your disposal. I am and I will always be malaguista and I think the club should be above everything and everyone. "

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Some quotes about racism when Kameni spoke to EL Larguero few days ago

“The worst experience I have had was in a match against Zaragoza, during my first season at Espanyol,” explained Kameni on El Larguero.

“We were winning 0-1, and they [the home crowd] were saying all sorts to me. It got to the point where the referee asked me if I wanted to stop the game, but I was determined to continue.

“Two weeks later, the same thing happened to Samuel Eto’o, to whom the crowd made monkey gestures. I felt awful.

“On one occasion, (against Atletico Madrid) the crowd at the Calderon threw bananas at me.

“In the mixed zone after the match, I said that if it happened again, I would eat the banana, because there are children in this world that are dying of hunger.

“It’s barbaric that in 2017, we still have to talk about this issue. The years will continue to pass, and our children will still be talking about it. It has to end now.

“I don’t understand how these people continue to be allowed in to the stadiums. They wouldn’t dare to do it at home or in the street.

“It’s a minority of the people. We can’t say that Spain is a racist country, but this minority sullies the reputation of the entire Spanish identity. These people don’t represent any fanbase.

“They’re people that are bored at home; they don’t go to the stadium to enjoy the football, but to vent their pent up anger at people who they deem to be guilty of something.”


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Malaga coach Míchel on whether he'd deny Real Madrid La Liga title like another ex-RM player Jorge Valdano did with Tenerife in 1993:

"I'm much more Madridista."


For those who aren't aware of this, Valdano was ex-coach for Tenerife back in 90's when they prevented Madrid from winning two consecutive leagues victories, all in the last match of the season. Malaga away is Madrid's final La Liga match of the season.

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Málaga president: "Catalan scum won't smell La Liga trophy"





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Wow what a douchebag, so basically he is openly saying that Malaga won't try to win against RM, well, that's just great:facepalm:


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Wow. Even for La Liga this is too much. :facepalm:
To openly say such things without fear of consequences shows how low things can go in Spain.

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