Luka Modric


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Barcelona will switch attention to Luka Modric after losing patience over Cesc Fabregas.

The Spanish giants are beginning to believe Arsene Wenger is right when he says the Arsenal captain is prepared to stay at the Emirates for years to come, so sources have indicated Barcelona are ready to double the £16.5million Tottenham paid for midfielder Modric, 25, two years ago.

Spurs manager Harry Redknapp would be reluctant to sell but such an offer would tempt White Hart Lane executives.

If this is true, I'm not convinced he's even good enough for Barca...


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He is very, very good. One of the very few players in the world that would be good cover for Xavi or Iniesta role. Although he is more of an Iniesta type, he is also very good at spraying passes, dictating play, retaining possession and "seeing" things before they happen. Very good control and natural movement with the ball. Great work rate.

ATM not really on Xavi or Iniesta level, but he is moulded for Barca and would excell here.


40m!!!!! It's even more funny than the rumor of Man City offering 110m for Pique!! Even Keita is more useful than him for Barcelona.


38m € (slovenian media) :O

if u ask me, thats a bull*hit...


We have the best Midfielder in the whole world we dont need him but if Barca are going for a midfielder we have to go for FABREGAS or PASTORE and leave modric.


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I agree reported price is too high, but this tendency to underrate players with workrate, intelligence and will to work for a team, and to overrate those who are more flashy and eye-catching is very wrong.

It is the reason why many have considered Yaya Toure to be "way better" than Busquets, and why geniality of Scholes and Xavi has often been overlooked for an extensive part of their careeres.

If we can't get Cesc, Modric is second best option, likes of Afellay, Nasri etc. are not as nearly good material for a Barca player. I'd rather have Arteta than these.

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