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Benzema and Kane are all the rage at the moment but it's easy to forget just how great El Pistol was in his prime. Was watching some of his goals from his Liverpool days and it wasn't just the number of goals (31 without pens), but the fact that a big proportion of them were absolute golazos. All in a fairly average team.

Whilst the lack of UCL goals away from home will count against him and he wasn't as good as some others in his latter years, I still think overall he is the best 9 we have seen since David Villa.


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I have decided to take any post by gician as the truth. Life is more exciting that way. In the end the “reliable sources” are as often wrong anyways.


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❗️Barça legend Luis Suárez could announce his retirement soon following a knee injury. He has informed Gremio that he wants to retire.

— @EsportesGZH


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An beast of a CF that was worth the big transfer fee.
Entertaining played who could come up with crazy finishes.
Warrior at heart too.
Aguero, Suarez, Benzema , Lewandowski
End of an Era.

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