Luis Suárez


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Shame he wasn't in CL for much of his prime. Still think he let himself go a bit too easily post 2016, but despite it all, he's one of the top 10 strikers of all time.


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He had a major knee surgery before the 2014 World Cup so his knee was most likely already shot up back then. We just managed to squeeze out the last remaining 2-3 seasons out of him before he was washed up physically.


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Its clear his knee bothered him during his later years here

Still very good for us and led atletico to a league which is no small feat


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Just rewatched his EPL goals for Liverpool in 13/14, my god, the sheer quality of many of these goals, even better than i remembered.


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He was a one man show at times.

Wish we got him a year earlier.

Yeah, i watched Liverpool quite a bit that season, at times it felt like he was their entire attack alone, more than just a striker in his prime, he just made things happen on his own.
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