Lliga | Round 37: FC Barcelona - RCD Espanyol 5-0

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How the fuck do Atletico bottle the La Liga race against an already relegated La Liga team? God help us all in that CL final.

A lot of people are happy about Granada, but if they can 4 past Sevilla, I wouldn't be jumping for joy just yet.

My thoughts exactly.

I am not surprised at all.
I am still 90% convinced that Real will more or less easily win it against them.
They will be totally lost and scared in a final.

A minor team has to pay the price eventually.


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Lucho needs to warn our players not to make any fouls in the first half in the last match.

We will get a red card or a penalty against us for any touch.
That is the only way to stop us and to give a title to Madrid.


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Great win. Just a shame that we couldn't also help them going down to Segunda at the same time.

Our desire to win the title should overcome whatever financial stimulation Perez will give to Granada players. Not to mention that quality is on our side. We should just keep calm heads if referee will try to f*** us up, which will undoubtely happen at some point. So just play our game and don't care about officiating. Scoring an early goal or two would also help but we should stay focused until the end, even if things won't start well for us.

Best thing that butthurt prick Pau Lopez got a yellow and gifted a goal to Rafinha.

Agree. He should get a red card though. It seems like Pepe is his role model.



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...If its allowed than Barcelona can also pay them to throw the game...

Barca, in return, could also pay Deportivo to give Mierda a good fight.

Very content with how the team performed vs. these bitches and a bit unhappy they will remain in La Liga.
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Us, and only us. Not even up for discussion. League should've been over a couple of weeks ago if it wasn't for those bad weeks that still is giving me nightmares.

Come on man , bottlers don't win 2 trebles and 5 la liga's in 7 years . Might have been tiredness or something else that caused them to play under their level in April.
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Freaking Pau Lopez I didn't see that Suarez stomping attempt during the game!!!! grrrrr

Players teased him all along though haha .. there's no doubt they really wanted to hurt Espanyol and him :)

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The stadium was also teasing him right from the start. Whistling him whenever he had a goal-kick and calling him tonto.

All in all, a match to forget for Pau.


First Adan getting some karma coming his way in the Betis game and now this clown Pau Lopez too. Manita in his face and horrible mistake for Rafinha's goal :lol:

Really surprised to see Espanyol finishing the game with 11 players as they did their best once again to cause injuries.
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