Lliga | Round 34: FC Barcelona - Osasuna 7-1


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Gud display.
Messi king. Paco improved his confidence level. Gomez i hope he wanted to start loving barca's fans. Masch oh finally..great match.


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We may win but he would still be stupid to start that lineup and that too after dropping so many points to small teams by fielding a weak lineup. Ends do not justify the means. He never learns. Not a single reason for him to rotate that much and risk increasing the gap after a tough classico win. Not one.



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Luis Enrique:

“Today was a chance for players who figure less. The game started well for us and we were in control but a mistake in the second half let Osasuna into the game.”

“We maintained our intensity and rhythm and we fixed things quickly.”

“We have to be aware of the need to pick up points.”

“From the month of May we will have time to recover and there are lots of positives today.”

“The fans behind the goal were chanting for Mascherano to take it. I am happy for him – he is a key player for the Club and he has shown that down the years.”


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Great game. Trashing beyond my high expetations (6:0) and happy face for MascheGOAL

Finaly team loosen up... To bad Real2 is stronger than 1st. I am so doubtfull they will slip. Their bench is absolutely FANTASTIC


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It's great to see everyone in the club smiling these days. And I'm impressed by our last two performances, I think the team is just beginning to click, finally there is some chemistry between the old and new players. But it angers me because it happened too late in the season, everyone lost faith in Lucho (I'm one of the few exceptions, if not the only one here) we're out of CL and with minimal chances for the La Liga title. Nevertheless I'm excited about next season, with few additions this summer, we can rock any boat.


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I guess it is not right thread for this, but I don´t know where else I can ask. Could you please someone tell me, where I can download the whole game?
Thanks a lot

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