Lliga | Round 34: FC Barcelona - Osasuna 7-1


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That they should doesn't mean they will... On top of that, if they fail to win, then the weekend match will be meaningless and the rotations would have been for nothing...

If we win today and failed to win against Espanyol then both Classico and 2day wins are meaningless. If we are gonna compete for the league we have to look for the whole 5 games.
The most difficult game remaining is in 3 days, away against a rival that will not only try to cost us points but also have no sportsmanship to do that cleanly.
And fatigue is our worst enemy at this point. I am actually worried about today game,no doubt. But Lucho is doing the right thing rotating. Hopefully we finish them in 1st half and take Messi out in 2nd


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Not many chances created. Very boring match so far. No very surprising with a trio of flops up front.


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Am I the only one puzzled by how Sirigu ended up at freaking Osasuna? :lol: That guy played with PSG against us in the CL just a couple of years ago. Used to be a really great goalkeeper.


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Why on earth did Lucho only use one of his subs? Really don't understand that guy.


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Enjoying match :)

Messi beauties and even Gomes and Arda scored :lol:

Loved the :mascherano: first evergreen goal for Barca and almost cried at Tito chants :cry:


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Because he wanted to rest everyone on bench?

He could've easily subbed on Roberto for Rakitic, or especially, Busi.
Not that I care too much. Our most important player got some rest, that's all I wanted to see.

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