Lliga | Round 32: FC Barcelona - Valencia 2-1


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It's not ridiculous if u could actually put it into the context and the state we are in right now.

Why would you even go though? Boycott games, don't feed the idiotic board with attendance everytime. I'm guessing attendance today will be low.

This is also the reasoning that suggest that it would "be better for [this or that team] to get relegated, so the get a clean cut and build everything up from the ground".
Well.. No! Even though it sounds alright and reasonable it is not supported by any evidence. Better results or better for any club no matter what and worse results are harmful.

You COULD make an argument about Wenger and Arsenal right now, but that is the most I will accept. But that situation is not in any way comparable to ours.


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Missed the match. Sounds like story of the season. We win but Valverde manages to piss everyone off with bad football and worse selections.

Iniesta playing almost entire match again, no Dembele..

Gotta say, I didn't become Barca fan for shit football. Any Barca president should be aware of this.

I think you missed the part where he subbed in Semedo for 30 seconds aswell.


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I think you missed the part where he subbed in Semedo for 30 seconds aswell.

That was fucked up from EV. Seems he was more interested in taking a few seconds off the clock.

It kind of explains why he likes to keep the subs past the 80th minute.


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Terrible first half from us but I actually thought we stepped it up in the second. Still nowhere near good enough for Barca. This team do not deserve to go a season unbeaten. So many better teams before them and alot of it is luck


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I know this is the wrong thread and a bit too late, but just wanna bring something out.

IMG_20180415_092259.jpg and IMG_20180415_092219.jpg

Now see the difference?
Some fact and questions (seriously I don't know the answer).
1. Is Sergi the type that defend more or attack more ? From my knowledge he defend more, bringing ball forward yes, but his post is at half back. So we have double cover.

We know how Dembele plays.

2. Different enemy, different risk (2nd match at away, with huge lead). Against Chelsea is the going forward style. Also, Roma is a better team than Chelsea this season's CL.

3. Different Messi and Busquets condition? Seriously remind me when those two get discomfort/ injured. I think around the national team week, just after this match?
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Team is unwatchable at the moment, games were once can't miss TV for me, now not so much. Please fire this uninspiring bum of a manager.

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Very good, energetic performance by Coutinho, stepping up when his freshness was needed. Better also from Paulinho. Rakitic finally figured out how to get a game off, very smart, veteran move for him to break his finger.

Now that La Liga has been effectively clenched with this win, the remaining Liga games must use the CL 11 less. Most of them are clearly exhausted. For better or worse, others must take the field. Let Semedo and Dembele start every game, so they can learn before the Liga games start counting again next season.

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