Lliga | Round 32: FC Barcelona - Valencia 2-1

Match tomorrow, anyone care? Surprised a thread isn't up already.



No good moping around. Hope the players find it in them to win every single remaining game this season, including RM.


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If we can remain unbeaten that would be one hell of an achievement, the only time it has ever been done with the full 38 game season. That would rescue the end of season disappointment somewhat. But honestly, I would rather see exciting attacking football from now until the end of the season even if it meant we lost a game or two. I want to see an end of the 442 and a more attacking lineup with Dembele especially playing all of the games with Semedo at right back and Roberto given a chance in his proper position which he has barely played in 2 years. Why not try out Mina, give Denis Suarez a run to see what he has got and maybe some of the youth players too. Unfortunately, I expect more of the same boring performances and a score draw.


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Must rotate for this game, because of burnout. The best hope for this game is to mix in some players who did not play or did not play much at Roma, because of the huge psychological blow suffered there. Again, this is a time where players outside of the CL first 11 need to step up.


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Go strong tomorrow and a few changes on tuesday for the copa

Roberto. Pique. Umtiti. Alba
Gomes. Coutinho
Messi. Suarez. Dembele


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Will probably be our first game this season I won’t watch. Just empty with no more to give when it comes to this team right now. Just like our players, apparently. Still so fed up and disappointed with all of them. Overpaid divas.


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Yeah I might just check the score myself. Gotta see what the feeling is tomorrow.


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Yeah I don't care too much about seeing anymore of EV's Barca either.

Can also see the Camp Nou being a graveyard tomorrow.


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Will definitely watch but not looking forward to it as much as I would have been had we beaten Roma. Still thinking about that game and what might have been if we didn't disastrously lose. That game is taking longer to get over than any other seen as it's an average Roma and all

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