Lliga | Round 29: Granada - FC Barcelona 1-4


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Lucho obviously still rates Gomes and that's just another testament of his poor judgement and stubbornness.
It's an insult to every Barca fan and Barca legacy to start that piece of crap on expense of La Masia boys.


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That defense, guaranteed to concede today. The question is can we score one more goal than Granada? It will be up to Neymar, since the midfield has zero creativity.

God Serena

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Alena honestly would be a lot better than Gomes and there's a ccase to be made for him to start this game ahead of Rakitic as well.


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Yes. But he can't defend also and save those stušid fuckers in our defence... To concede such counter on start of 2nd half. Amateurs.

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