Lliga | Round 29: Granada - FC Barcelona 1-4

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Let's hope Lucho has a plan if he's switching back to 4-3-3 and not doing it simply because Alba has been whining about it. We've looked sterile and average in the 4-3-3 this season.


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Honestly, if this guys can't beat Granada than f...k them. If Gomes, Mathieu and Rafinha are not even good for match agains Granada than they should leave ASAP. Even with this line up we should win easily.

Neymar alone is worth more than all Granada players together so if they can't beat Granada it will be really embarrassing. This is the game they should win without a coach.

If a manager can't rotate in a game like this than what is the purpose of the bench?
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Special request to change my prediction league score now I know Gomes is starting....

Jokes.. we should win with ease. We don't deserve anything if we can't.


I hope it's 343, with Bob in the middle.

And Iniesta plays with Spain,and rests for Barça... He should retire from the nt.

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