Lliga Round 28: FC Barcelona - Valencia CF 4-2


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Get pissed on again from a set-piece. Fucking pathetic.
Doesn't look like our players can even be bothered to care about the league.


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The goal vs betis and the one vs malaga, both legit that were disallowed, changed a lot for Barça. 6 points right there. Meanwhile, rm got help to win a lot of their games. Refs are the biggest factor this season, as neither Barça nor rm are really that consistent.

I agree... refs realy did "hard work" to help RM.. .but again Alaves...


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The ease at which we are being sliced open at the back is alarming to say the least. It's below school park defending in all honesty.


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Just unacceptable. What the actual fuck is this defending?

That's what they call total complacency... It's ok if you are certain you can win it or you've got a consistent lead in La Liga with ~ 10 points lead at this time of the season but this is Barca, they play like they were unpayed since they've won the treble!


We'll smash them in the second half. What worries me that we conceded two goals in the first half. We have to step up in defence.


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Bad at both ends of the pitch. If it weren`t for the red card, I doubt we would win this match. New tactics, same shit.


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It is maddening to see so many missed opportunities to score. How many Messi through passes were wasted today?
Neymar could have scored at least 3 goals, Suarez 2-3 more, Rafinha 2, Rakitic 1. We scored 4 but should have scored 10.
Anyway, a win, although less comfortable than it should have been.


Defense is still shambolic. Need to address that, and defending vs set pieces too. They used to be great at those not long ago.


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Nothing has changed. Whatever formation, our defense is cut through so easily like knife through butter. And as I have worried, our aerial defense is shit as always. Corners and set piece will kill us.

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