Lliga Round 28: FC Barcelona - Valencia CF 4-2


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League Round 28


Sunday, 19 March, 20:45 CET

Need to wash away bitter taste of Galicia. Shame we have to wait entire week to do so.




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That's why Barca took care of Neymar sr. with straight payments to him and treated Ney gypsy entourage better than club legends.


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Ter Stegen
Pique - Masche - Umtiti

Rakitic - Busi - Iniesa


Rafinha - Suarez - Neymar

The reason people stopped using the term gypsies is because a certain group of people started using as a slur against all people from Eastern European Countries. At least from what I know from here in Norway.

Reason why no one uses Paki for people from the the Indian Subcontibent in the UK or nigger in the US.

Might not have been anything bad to begin with, but it got associated with negative connotations.
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This game is a must-win though, but I am not entirely sure about the positive result, Valencia is... Valencia.


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Our back up players cannot be trusted at all. I don't even trust them to beat a school team.

We should always play the best 11 in every game and only rotate after the game is won.

Majority of the back up players are probably very low on confidence. They can probably get back to form if they play in a relaxed environment, I.e. Once the score is already 3-0. I don't think any of them are going to regain their confidence by playing in high pressure situations.


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Must win but what even is the point of even fighting for the league when in not so distant future lucho is going to rest players and we drop points again.


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Or send them to birthday parties.

take away this parties from ney will result in bad performances.
He is no iniesta discipline wise and he will never be. We have to deal with it, he is a young guy want to enjoy life, he won't be happy if he has to be like a school kid


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Oh... Nice... I tell that to my boss when I don't show up at work on deadline day. I am no school kid! I want to enjoy life ;)

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