Liverpool vs Real Madrid - Who do you want to see win?

Who do you want to see win?

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Any normal day of 21-22 season Liverpool smashes them.
But the same applied to Chelsea and City.
You can't judge on logical grounds when one team plays only on what dark arts give them

A loss in a final is needed to exorcize the evil once and for all

Iniesta Ultra

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A difference between saying Xavi out and saying you want our bitter rivals to smash us.

Be real. You would want any manager who doesn't play Puig out, in fact you probably even admit that. It's Puig FC not Barca for you.

Xavi's staying here for at least half of next season maybe full season so I only want Puig playing elsewhere until Xavi's gone. I'm sure Fati, Busi, Hamster, Pique and others would rather have Puig starting over Gavi. I was one of the few here who called right on Auba too, who only came since Morata couldn't lol. Fati's our future superstar, Puig should be our second superstar.


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Stupid question to ask in a Barca forum. The fact that there are votes for Madrid is incredibly embarrassing. Bannable offense.


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No, this IS stupid.

No Barcelona-fan should support us in this final, or any final, really.

Why did you vote that you are neutral and just want a good final. :lol:

If that were true, you wouldn't hope that Thiago misses the final with an injury.

El Gato

It's nice to be the underdog in the eyes of everyone despite the history in this competition.
Time and again people will count us out and cling onto Birdy-like ideas that RM dont 'deserve' to be where they are, which only makes RM more motivated.
Thinking is like this even at top echelon where Schmeichel just smiles and throws hands up in the air saying he doesn't understand lol

I remember how folk were spewing at Chelsea. Be fantastic if the geriatric RM side wins this and Gato wins the deserved BDO.
Lovely to see.

Can't wait for tomorrow TBH


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I'm just going to pretend this match isn't happening. We had so many good chances to be in another final 2016-2019 but blew it!
It hurts to much to watch these games now.

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