Lionel "The Greatest of All Time" Messi V2


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Messi on his moment with Lewandowski in the World Cup: "Lewandowski’s statements after the 2021 Ballon d'Or bothered me because when I won the Ballon d’Or I said that Lewy deserved the award in 2020 which I really felt."

"But for him to speak in this way bothered me. I ignored him during the game because it was him and I was angry and thought he shouldn't have said what he said."

"I was very angry. If I was deliberately dribbling because it was him? Yes"


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World cup win gone to this hormonal dwarfs head.
Keep crying

Don Juan Laporta Estruch

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He talks about people disrespecting him like Van Gaal and Lewa, but nobody has disrespected him more often and more openly than Ronaldo.

Really don't understand why he has never bitten back at Ron. Thought he was taking the moral high ground but obviously not.

We are all waiting for him to stand up to Ronaldo's sisters ( basically Ronaldo using their account ) and Ronaldo 'factos' and liking comments hating on his achievements after every Ballon D'or / World Cup.

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