Liga Round 26: Athletic Bilbao - Barca 0-0


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Look at the bright side lads - we didn't concede for once. It took a spent Bilbao missing some players to do it, but here we are.


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Iq of our players is staggering. You see lamal sprinting in attack, chase back full speed, then came back to attack barely breathing and idiots didnt even gave him a chance to take 10 seconds to have a breather. Fermin had a stinker of a game.


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You know how shit and boring Barca are to watch these days when law enforcement don't even bother to shut the free streams down anymore.


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You can see that the quality of Bilbao's players is rather low, they are just very well coached.

Seeing their players miscontrol basic passes or overhit simple balls gave me the impression that against sides with more quality, as usual, we would get thumped.

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