Liga Round 26: Athletic Bilbao - Barca 0-0


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Sunday, March 3, 21:00
It's a bit early but wanted to share the good news that Nico Williams won't play against us because of the red card #hope


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Last match we lost but "competed" according to Xavi.

This time Bilbao should be handicapped as they will have to play Atletico in return Copa match 3 days before they host us.


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Athletic with a convincing 3-0 win against Atletico yesterday. Will be a tough game but we have won these type of games before. We also have no game mid-week after this so going all in shouldn't be a problem.

The only question marks in the XI are Iñigo vs Cubarsi and Raphinha vs Yamal. I'd go for Iñigo and Yamal personally.


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Bilbao are probably going to play against us on a high. A few rotations and a small hangover, but I think yesterdays result makes this weekends game much harder for us.

Xavi post game: Bilbao were highly motivated, they had alot of positive energy that made it difficult to overcome. I said we may have a chance to win, but we needed to avoid Valverde squatting. When Valverde squatted, I knew the game was over. But we gave a good image and I am proud of the teams effort. Only conceding 4 from 30 shots showed that we had a strong defence.

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