Liga Round 23: Barca - Granada 3-3


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Xavi thinks it's FIFA. Let's put on 8 forwards that will work.

Ferran/Roque/Yamal front 3 will cook

Frenkie is one of the main problems in this club. Gundogan plays a role that doesn't fit the normal 433.

Actually both Frenkie and Gundogan force this team to play terrible on defense.

Kounde is ass. Sell
Lewa sell
Every keeper is ass
Xavi makes it easy to be scored against by anyone. Granada averages less than a goal per game. They have 5 in 2 vs Barca


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You could give Prime Eto + Suarez with Messi behind, i'll not be sure we can win against Granada if Xavi is the Coach

Saved by a 17 years old... wtf man


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After watching Barca performances in the past 2,5 years I am confident Xavi is among the worst managers we had. Last season was a complete fluke/Stephen heroics.

But hey, don't criticise too much, he said he was leaving so he gets to torture everyone for 4 more months.



Now imagine us playing without Yamal. A 16 year old carrying the while attack of glorious FC Barcelona. Meanwhile overpaid "world class" players like De Jong, Lewa and Gundogan walk around unable to lead the Game against mighty Granada. De Jong...Take 100 millions and run! Guy contributes nothing in the final third, cant score, cant shoot or dribble, cant play through balls...for fucks sake...what is this????

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