Lautaro Martinez


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Good old days when people shit on me for advocating for him. Would have been infinitely better than fucking Griezmann.
Your were not alone. I would have splashed 100mil even after Griezmann and Dembele.

Look on what we spent for our current attack and how bad they are.


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Needed to stay at Inter to grow. He's been the main man there for years. We'd have completely ruined his development. Now he'd be worth that big investment.


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Because all people do here is troll strikers whenever they miss chances. Its like nobody has seemed to realise yet the mark of a great striker is getting into scoring positions, and the goals usually develop later, even though this is said time after time.
Lautaro has the 4 main points to be a great goalscorer : movement, finishing, touch, strength. Any striker with all 4 of these qualities will always score many goals.


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Would he have developed this well at Barca with all the shitshow though? I don't think he was worth the 100m Inter wanted back then either, although I don't think it would matter as he didn't want to join us anyway after he caught wind of Messi wanting to leave lol.


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Italian supercup final or half final and another I think when they played against benfica. Or I might be wrong and confusing with girouds missed penalty against dortmund.

Overall he doesnt look like a good penalty shooter: ''Lautaro Martinez has taken 23 penalty kicks so far in his career. Of these, Martinez scored 15 pens while missing 8. The overall penalty conversion rate for Martinez is 65.22%.''

so top offense player except pens :coffee:

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