La Liga Round 5: Cadiz - FC Barcelona 0-4


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What does 5 subs mean to the game of football?

- bigger disparity between the strong and the weak teams
- systems become more important than individual game
- fans will enjoy more intense games right from the start when watching big clubs

In our context, every point matters because Madrid and Barca are less likely to lose points due to the advantage of playing more intense from early on and having 5 solid subs to enter second half


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Get 3 points as easy as we can, and then we go to war!

Keeping momentum is always important. We start the game playing hard, and then we sub around minute 70 our key players including: Lew, Pedri, Busquets, and Dembele


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I trust Alba in La Liga. Heck, I even trust Alba to a degree against Bayern since it is not a high-stakes game. When he does not mentally collapse he still has a decent cross that Lewy could benefit from. But I am okay with trying Balde. Actually, I am kind of excited to see how he will do.


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I would love to see balde play, would be interesting as well, I'm pretty high on him, but bayern away could get ugly, don't want it to affect his confidence.

Alba's confidence is already shot, so for him it won't matter much.


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Lewandowski is resting.


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The rotation is a little bit excessive, and not sure why Pique is there over Christensen? Is he injured or another tummy ache??

We are competing on several fronts and all of them are important so let's hope these boys can get the job done today.

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