La Liga Round 34: RCD Espanyol - FC Barcelona 2-4


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Don't get me wrong. He's good on the ball.

But he's like a player who'd have thrived in the last decade.

Football is moving more towards a more physical, tactical system based game this decade.

The early trends look worrying for players with his qualities. This would explain him looking much less of a world beater in Europe.

Pedri has literally been a much better player than Gavi in Europe.

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olo @ Araujo running to tunnel then stopping make sure his teammates made it in too

Imho's expression when celebration turned into pitch storm priceless!

bet Xavi was in tunnel before anyone else lmao


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I needed about half an hour to come to terms with our win. FFS, WE ARE CHAMPIONS!!!

It feels soooo goood! VISCA BARCA!!!!!!!

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