La Liga | Round 30: Real Madrid - FC Barcelona 2-1


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I hope players won't let Manzano's decisions get in their heads. They should concentrate on their own game but I'm affraid just being better than Madrid in a close game won't be enough to actually win. We'll probably have to be clearly better (like 2-3 goals) so his decisions won't affect us. I was quite optimistic a few days ago but now I'd gladly take a draw. Really hope to be wrong but I just don't trust Manzano.

Don't think he was really as bad as I've feared he'd be and that pen is a 50-50 call imo. I'm sure in a reverse situation on the other hand he'd give a pen though.

Anyway, while not being at our best in 1st half I think we were ok in 2nd and deserved a draw. Quite unlucky too. It is what it is now, no need to think too much about what happened. Need to get heads up and win the Copa final and remaining 8 league games. Madrid is far from convincing so I think they'll drop points somewhere and we can still win a domestic double.


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Yes, draw would have been deserved.
THe other part: At the end of the season, especially when it is close, you have a closer look on mistakes. If it won't be enough in the end, many mistakes will have led to it. Araujo's fuck up against Eibar cost the team 2 points, Mingueza's mistake against Cadiz cost the team 2 points, Lenglet had many fuck-ups and most recently his mistake against Cadiz cost the team 2 points.
0 points out of 12 possible against both Madrid sides is weak, but if something cost the club the title than it was the really bad autumn more than anything else. This is normal though when you're in a transition year, even more so when the club is being in turmoil.

I agree,but when was the last time a team won a league title,despite losing almost all the games versus their direct rivals? Especially when the title race is probably going to be extremely close.

Also,if we had beaten Madrid we obviously don't gain just 3 points,but we also would have extended the lead to 5 points.


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The ref was not the reason we lost, outside of Messi, would any of our starting 11 start for this Madrid team?

I think we have a few that would start. Truth of the matter is, Real are just a bit more ahead than us in terms of team development, which makes sense because they started two seasons earlier. Even their subtop players have improved because of their time in the team. Our team has a handful of young players that have become starters this season. Also, let's not underestimate their midfield. Modric Kroos and Casemiro is still class.

It's up to Barca now to continue developing our newer players and catch up with them. And with new acquisitions, fingers crossed they don't turn out to be stinkers.

EDIT: As I ran by our players, you're right actually, none aside from Messi would start. I considered Frenkie but wouldn't breakthrough into the midfield in a clasico just yet.
Maybe Alba for Mendy?
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One positive takeaway from this game: Our passing up until into the box has improved so much under pressure. Some quick passing, some technically difficult ones performed in tight spaces and some passed with a lot of power but still being controlled well by player receiving the ball, building up from the back under pressure.

There was so much sloppiness and insecurity in previous seasons to this aspect of our game leading to facepalm easy turnovers. We couldn't string 2 passes.
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The ref was not the reason we lost, outside of Messi, would any of our starting 11 start for this Madrid team?

I slightly disagree. Could see Alba starting ahead of Mendy and Griez ahead of Vini (in fact I think Griez would perform really well in a setup like RM's). Everyone else no doubt. I even think Nacho and Militao are very solid and much more reliable compared to Lenglet, Araujo, and Mingueza.


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I just seen the replay of the 1st half and with all nerves out from live time, I thought we were a bit better than them until the 2nd goal.

The first goal was just a poor poor decision by Alba to step out like that when he really shouldn't have.


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We should focus on winning LaLiga now. I'm confident we have high-chances of winning it if we win the remaining matches.
Because R.Madrid will drop 2 points. I'm nearly sure, with the injuries and CL games they have

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