La Liga | Round 29: FC Barcelona - Valladolid 1-0

Nick London

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Frustrating performance and typical of a post international performance but a huge 3 points and hopefully got it out of the system before next Saturday


Take the three points and forget about this game... that was awful performance, but hey, Atletico did that so many times and we deserved one of these as well...

Messi awarded MOTM must be the most undeserved award he got as far as I remember... he was terrible today... hopefully in six days we will see the real Messi


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They were too arrogant about the game and almost paid. We had to sweat. Well, we had no luck with the implementation. Go ahead!

don't think it was arrogance, they weren't clicking. plus tactics were wrong for this game.

anyway, mark of champion - grinding out wins when you don't look like it


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Performance was bad, the midfield especially was non-existent in the setup but the 3 points was only thing that mattered today. Job done, focus on Madrid now.


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I had to put my son to bed and missed the Final 15 mins.

We looked frustrating and Valladolid motivated. Huge 3 points.


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Watching that goal, you just know a referee like Lahoz is flagging a foul against Araujo.

We're lucky we had Mr "Lassez-Faire anything goals, unless you foul Dembele from behind then I'm sending your ass off"


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Really awfull performance. Very lucky that we won this. I doubt we can win la liga with a performance like this one.


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not that means too much since the tie breaker is h2h

The good part is that we depend on ourselves even with a draw vs Madrid. If we draw vs Madrid and win the other games, beating AM with 1-0 or better, we win the title.


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How was this not a pen btw.... or free kick at the least.



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Just saw the match since I had to be onsite for work. Wow we looked slow and unorganized. I am shocked Valladolid didn't score at least one. Huge gaps of space everywhere.


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3 points and Messi/FDJ not getting a yellow is all that really matters from this game.

Don't think there was a pen for Valladolid but red card was a bit soft so I could understand Valladolid's anger but their players got away with no cards for clear elbowing early in the game (that one against Griezmann was the most obvious and it wasn't even a foul IIRC) at least twice if not three times.

OTOH I just enjoy seeing those Madridiots crying.

If Bar?a is champion ... this will not be forgotten

Tom?s Roncero went one step further and set his sights on the Cl?sico next Saturday. For him, the referee is not going to allow Real Madrid to take that match and get close to the possibility of winning LaLiga.

How about all bad calls that went against Barca this season? Will you also remember them if Madrid will win the league? :lol:


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How was this not a pen btw.... or free kick at the least.


By the official rules, that should be a free kick, but with yellow at least. That elbow on griezy is a clear red, something similar we saw with lenglet earlier this season, where ref pulled out a red without hesitation.

I think that start on dembele was a compensation for that, which is still unfair but let them moan.

You just cant believe after that post covid lockdown last season treatment real got they still have the guts to complain about anything. Fucking snakes

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